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Taba Capital

Taba Capital is a young, Energetic Urban Renewal company 🌆

They work with a unique social method where the property owners are fully engaged in every step of the process, in equal profits for them as to the entrepreneur and the executing company.
This method leads to smooth, fast, and profitable projects.

Business website mobile project page uiux design

The challenge

Design the website to feel both Unique and approachable

The look & feel should be unique and pass the company's vibes, together with being approachable and friendly for the apartments' owners - the target audience

Website UIUX design Taba Capital
UIUX design Taba Capital Website

The solution

Sophisticated design, simple voice

A monochromatic color palette and clean visuals with a light, easy-to-understand copywriting incorporated with a fun, intuitive scrolling experience

Website Team page UIUX design Taba Capital
Website UIUX design Taba Capital mobile